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Bancon Homes

“With its Augmented Reality service Elevana provided the perfect solution”

Bancon Homes know how important the new home demonstration is. They see it as a crucial part of the customer journey.

Lockdown and social distancing rules created a big problem for them:

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Weston Homes

“Our Stratford site was significant with 160 private units; unusually, we didn’t have a staffed sales office on site, so Elite Demonstrators was the solution for all of the demonstrations and handovers”

“Our ongoing, very positive relationship with Cary made me want to act on it and use the service” 
Cary had already been assisting our sales team with good quality training in demonstrations and handovers.  We had a very compacted time-period to hand over all the units in three to four months, so it was very hectic.  It made sense to act and use Elite Demonstrators to carry them out.

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Metis Homes

“It was almost as if Elite Demonstrators’ representatives were, in fact, Metis Homes employees; it was seamless”

“They fully understood our product, our mode of contact as a company and how we treat our customers”
It was very important to us that Elite Demonstrators would show the same skills that we do in terms of customer experience and satisfaction. We are very proactive, good at communicating and we want to build strong relationships. We’re not resistant to anything and we work in a very collaborative way. They demonstrated these behaviours in a confident, very professional way, so we had the knowledge and satisfaction that our customers were being dealt with in the style and manner we would have demonstrated ourselves.

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“By delivering a consistent, detailed demonstration reduced the number of calls into customer care”

We didn’t have the resource to ensure all customers had the same level of service and expertise
We don’t have the capacity internally to deal with bulk demonstrations and handovers as there can be several hundred in a very short space of time. We want to ensure that all customers get the same level of service and expertise. That’s why we asked Elite Demonstrators to support us as they are the experts in this area.

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