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“We wanted consistency and reduce calls into customer care”

A lot of queries into customer care made us think we were missing something
Receiving a lot of queries into the customer care department is never ideal so we wanted to ensure that our team, during the home demonstration were saying the same and that everything was covered. This is exactly what the training offered.

Level of detail on the course was beyond what we anticipated
The level of detail which needed to be covered at the home demonstration exceeded our expectations and is really going to help reduce queries into customer care. It’s also made us review our processes.

Everyone took something away from the training which shows it works. For instance, now we can be more honest with our customers about shrinkage and what is normal and what to expect and what their responsibility is. We’d not really covered that before and now we can tell customers at early stages in the customer journey.

Managing expectations is a key thing for us now
We’ve been guilty in the past of not being specific on timeframes with our customers if we’ve needed to order any items or sort out issues. As a result of the training we are now not allowing ASAP to be used. We are being precise on timeframes and if something is going to take 2-3 weeks, then be honest with the customer.

Being a team is crucial
The training gave us the essential tools to do a detailed home demonstration and where to find additional information, if needed. If there is a different specification on one development, then a bit of homework and manual reading is required. It also enforced the importance of teamwork – customer care and sales need to work together and share each demonstration.

Recommend definitely
I would definitely recommend this training. All the staff found the trainer very engaging and he captured attention throughout the whole day.

London Square

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