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“As a leader in the field it was a no-brainer to keep using Elevana Ltd (formerly In-house Training) with our up to date emerging needs”

From start to finish, they were very coordinated, organised and professional
From the initial enquiry to the execution of the course we were always kept well informed. We worked with various members of the team to confirm bookings, and they made sure we provided them with the information they needed. They were very flexible in accommodating our need to deliver to our offices all over the north of the country, and they were very prompt in making us aware of attendees and providing us with our certificates.

They take the time to get to know your business
We’re a growing company that started in one region and we’re expanding. With this change, In-house was interested in learning more about us and keeping up to date. It’s good that they didn’t just assume everything had remained the same. I’ve had feedback when speaking to the Heads of Departments when the trainers were in and they also wanted In-house to get a feel of what was going on and what their thoughts were, including how to improve the delivery of the course and even improve some internal processes.

Elevana bring best practice into the business and we still work with them to shape any current internal issues
I experienced the course myself with a mixture of the Production Team and the Sales Department, and they were really good in providing clarity around who would be best to provide the customer with information. For quite technical information, or enquiries about the build, they advised it should be the Production Team. With providing details of the features of the property and any additional extras, the Sales Department would be best suited. If it was a joint approach, it focussed on where the skills were within the individuals themselves.

Elevana kept to the script of the course, but they were able to share their experience, background and advice to tailor it to individuals
They were very good at answering any one-off queries. If someone was there with a burning question or something, they wanted more inside information about, they had the discussion. That made it easier and it meant the training addressed everyone’s needs.

I’d definitely recommend them
...because they are willing to work with you as a company and listen to you. As we emerge and evolve, they do want that feedback themselves. They want to hear how the course is received. As a company, they are willing to take things on board and make a flexible step in the right direction.

Story Homes

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T: 01793​ 277288
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