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Stewart Milne customers writing about their augmented reality demonstration

“We liked how well we were shown how well the central heating controls worked.”

“The person I spoke to was very clear and efficient and answered any questions I asked.”

“Very easy to use, I like how the screen could be annotated when looking at finer details!”

“I am a very young client and been brought up in the technology world, therefore found it a great investment for the future of Stewart Milne.”

“Zachery was very helpful and patient.”

“The woman who gave us the tour, very good communication skills and very knowledgeable.”

“Our virtual tour covered every part of the house we needed to know about and more, we were delighted with the service and feel we gained lots of valuable information from it about our home.”

“We had to physically do the things rather than just watch someone do it.”

“Zachary was helpful, friendly and informative.”

“Very informative and helpful, I liked the use of highlighting the things to notice and look at on the screen.”

“Simple way of doing things, seemed very thorough and informative.”

“Open and honest with helpful hints and tips.”

“Tour guide was friendly, informative and helpful. Was happy to work around problems we encountered at points due to my poor signal.”

“I was a sceptic on why I needed a tour but after having went through it I would recommend it to any new home buyer.”

“Nicola was very helpful and thoroughly explained everything and made sure I understood everything.”

“I felt like there was the flexibility to discuss the things that mattered to me, rather than just going through a list of things in order. Member of staff was very knowledgeable and answered all questions. Technology was very impressive, I've not seen anything like it before.”

“Very easy to do and the representative was well informed and provided all the required information clearly.
The only thing I would have preferred would have been if the link had come by email rather than text so we could have used a tablet rather than a phone, otherwise, pretty much spot on. Continue to use high quality representatives.”

“So easy to set up and follow and really sound tips and instructions. We had something we needed to follow up with and the team made it hassle free to follow up with.”

“The detailed information on everything you needed to know about the new house. And the assistant who spoke us through the tour had handy tools to draw and highlight where to look and point out things as we were speaking.”

“Practical explanation of where to find things like gas/water shut off points and how to re-pressurise the boiler. Plus explanation of the various circuit boards/panels. Also good to know where the struts are for putting up mirrors/heavier wall fittings.”

“The person who did the tour for us was amazing.”

“Great knowledge from demonstrator and I found out some very useful things.”

“So easy to set up and follow and really sound tips and instructions.”

“The tour was informative, especially the ways to maintain the integrity of the building and equipment. The demonstrator helped identify issues in the house that I was unaware of, which meant her experience was exceptional.”

“The demonstrator, Zachary, was excellent, a great communicator, very knowledgeable about our home and how best to set it up and he took us through everything we needed to know. Thank you very much Zachary.”

"An excellent idea, our new home is fitted with some quite technical systems (the central heating/ boiler in particular) and the demo was invaluable in learning how to operate these properly. Have yet to view the video I was sent after the demo, which I will get round to, but again that sounds a good idea."

“The friendly and informative nature of the Elevana host.”

“The tour allowed us to go at our own pace. Some things we've familiarised ourselves with already so we only required a brief explanation, then the other parts that were new to us went into more detail. The demonstrator was perfectly pleasant and expressed strong knowledge of how our new home works, which is very much appreciated.”

“Nicola was warm, friendly and very knowledgeable. She was very easy to talk to addressing all of our questions. She was easily able to communicate to our level of understanding and we found her very helpful giving us lots of useful information. Thank you.”

“Great communication and explaining things. Any concerns we had were answered well and assured they'd be seen to. Found the call very worthwhile. I was very impressed.”

“Alex was exceptional, was able to provide concise information and answer any queries asked of him. Was very patient when describing, in excellent detail, any and all information needed for my partner and I as new homeowners.”

“Zachary was very informative and knew what he was talking about, led us round the home and went through thoroughly how everything worked so we feel comfortable in our new home.”

“Easy to use and very well organised - easy to talk to Alex who answered questions as we went around the house. The concept is very good and works well.”

“The Virtual Home tour went smoothly and easy. The girl was very nice and friendly. She explained everything to me and gave me the time to ask questions and write down the important things. Thank you very much for her time and professionalism.”

“Very professional, courteous and knowledgeable person who was patient with me. Excellent service, thank you.”

“Sophie of Elite Demonstrations was very informative and knowledgeable, as well as providing some useful tips/ recommendations, couple of which the use of Silicone spray based lubricant for use on the window hinge mechanisms and use of a stud finder for locating the studs and hanging of heavy materials from the walls, both of which we went ahead and ordered from Amazon. Sophie guided us through the heating and hot water system with ease – she certainly knew the fine details on the system which enabled us to set-up the heating without distress. Well done Sophie.”

“It was very informative for someone like me who doesn't know much about how a house is built. It was very convenient and helpful in the sense that the person was also able to share pictures with me whilst doing the call.”

“Sophie was excellent! She literally knew every detail of our house! Including the digital thermostat.”
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