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We are a small group of people combining many different experiences, with one aim; to delight our clients and their customers.

Our past experiences include marketing and market research, training course development and delivery, policy and procedure development, conference speaking, article writing, audio recording, video creation, composing, performing, and radio presenting.

Put this lot together, and we end up with a unique set of services.

We have worked with over 60 clients on various projects, trained over 30,000 people, demonstrated or handed over more than 5,500 new homes and created hundreds of Instructional Videos and Easy User Guides.

Meet the Team

Get to know us...

  • Malcolm Pitcher
  • Cary Davey
  • Shaun Buswell
  • Jack Fowler
  • Sam O'Neill
  • Laura Manson
  • Zachery Stephenson
  • Martin Brook
  • Malcolm Pitcher

    Malcolm Pitcher

    Managing Director / Chief Elephant Trainer

    After many years in the motor industry ending up as European Marketing Manager for Honda cars, I took my first steps into house building as Group Marketing Director for Wimpey Homes. I summarise my role here as “putting the customer at the centre of the business”.

    In 1998, after five years with Wimpey I started my own consultancy business, focusing on the housing sector. Since then, I have conducted thousands of customer satisfaction surveys, written articles for major publications, been a key-note conference speaker, consultant and trainer specialising in customer service.

    As Managing Director and Chief Elephant Trainer of Elevana I have the great privilege to lead a multi-talented team that now teaches me more than I could ever teach them.

    Outside of work I love walking, keeping fit, studying human behaviours, cooking and wishing I’d been a gigging rock musician for just a little bit longer!

    Malcolm Active
    Malcolm walking near Sommaroya, Norway
  • Cary Davey

    Cary Davey

    Head of Demonstrations and Operations

    I’ve spent the majority of my career in marketing including managing the #1Club Gold Hertz rental car programme across Europe which enabled me to deal with multi-cultural societies and different working environments. This great grounding gave me some key skills to use when going back into the construction supplier area culminating in the launch of Osmagold plastic piping across the building and merchant areas.

    Being made redundant in 2000 gave me the opportunity to freelance but also support Malcolm with various projects. After a couple of years, using my training skills as a gliding instructor, I set up the home demonstration and handover training business which has gone from strength to strength with several trainers now supporting.

    It only seemed natural that the skills of training home demonstrations lead me to set up a team of Elite Demonstrators. Late 2014 saw the launch of this primarily in London and the south east but now with a team established in the north of England.

    Sadly I’ve retired from gliding but I love photography and studying for my online degree when I’m not walking or doing agility competitions with my border collie.

    Cary Active
    Cary test flying a classic Tiger Moth at Bicester.
  • Shaun Buswell

    Shaun Buswell

    Head of Elevana AV

    One of the things I most like about Elevana is its ability to adapt to changes.

    I joined in the early stages of Elite Demonstrators when it had evolved from the training side of the business, helping clients meet a demand to do physical demonstrations and handovers.

    Having worked in AV before, I now head up the AV department as well as project manage some of the clients. I get to do what I love - produce movies of products and edit away paint splatters!

    Working full time and now with a young son, I’m juggling creating video content and supporting clients. And once he’s a bit older, then hopefully I can teach him the mechanics of being a musician as well and getting another orchestra together and going on tour.

    Shaun Active
    Shaun performing at a pop-up orchestra gig he arranged.
  • Jack Fowler

    Jack Fowler

    Head of Elite Demonstrator Operations

    Whilst studying business and psychology at Aston university, one of the most engaging areas of the course was based around consumer behaviour.

    What better industry to join than the construction industry? The customer journey for homebuyers can be incredibly stressful and emotional, and I have so far really enjoyed working to improve it in all areas for our clients.

    I started at Elevana as one of the Elite Demonstrators and I am now a Project Manager within that team responsible for project set-up as well as conducting home handovers and demonstrations on behalf of a number of clients.

    I am now also a member of the of the Home Demonstration and Handover training team, teaching home builder staff how to professionally deliver these crucial parts of the customer journey.

    I also support the Elevana team on our marketing strategy, social media strategy, web-site design and digital materials such as our Easy User Guides.

    Prior to Elevana, my background lies within the automotive industry in marketing. Creating and designing the brochures for one of the leading car manufacturers in the UK.

    In my spare time I enjoy travelling, reading and trading."

    Jack Active
    Jack at Glacier Perito Moreno in El Calafate, Argentina
  • Sam O'Neill

    Sam O'Neill

    Head of Administration / Demonstration and Handover trainer

    I started working for Elevana in 2012 as an administrator after serving in the Army for 7 years. I am now Head of Administration and a trainer with the Demonstration and Handover training team.

    During my time in the Army, which included postings to Germany and tours of Iraq and Afghanistan, I organised the paperwork and the briefing of soldiers flying into and out of the country. Flights could be delayed or cancelled at short notice for operational reasons and I had to learn how to deal with the stress and distress felt by soldiers of all ranks when such situations occurred. Especially when they were waiting to fly into difficult situations or get back home to see their families.

    This experience honed my administration skills and gave me a lot of confidence to be able to stand up in front of a room of people of all levels to conduct a training session with them.

    During my time with Elevana I have completed many CPD courses to improve my skills in both customer service and administration. I’m currently studying for a formal accounting qualification.

    Outside of work I love spending time with my family, going for walks or baking with my girls. A particular hobby of mine is reading, whenever you see me, I will always have a book on the go.

    Sam Active
    Sam in the armed forces serving in Afghanistan
  • Laura Manson

    Laura Manson

    Assistant Videographer

    I am a fairly new addition to Elevana however, I am excited to showcase my willingness to learn and gain guidance from the team. Construction is such a broad industry and interlinks to many other occupations which play a huge element in delivering the final product to the customer.

    Having completed my A Levels early this year I began shaping an outline of what career I wanted to begin. I knew that an apprenticeship was the best step forward. And working alongside Elevana to continue my studies as well as expanding my knowledge of construction.

    In 2018, I was fortunate enough to participate in Ride for London. I had to ride 46 miles across London which was truly an exciting and exhilarating experience. I was truly able to push myself physically and demonstrate my resilience. I also enjoy reading in my spare time and one of my favourite novels is ‘The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger’. I like the simplistic nature of the novel and how the author understands adolescence which really resonated with me when I was younger.

    Laura Active
    Laura completing the Ride for London 2018
  • Zachery Stephenson

    Zachery Stephenson

    Senior Home Demonstrator and Trainer

    I’m originally from Cork, in the Republic of Ireland but have resided in the UK since 1997 when I moved over to be a journalist.

    After several years working in newspapers and publishing, my band was signed to Universal Music. We had a few hit singles, played various festivals including Glastonbury. After the band split up I became a promoter but after fifteen years in the music business, I decided to move on. I joined Elevana Ltd in 2018, and trained as a home demonstration specialist.

    I’ve been a Senior Home Demonstrator for over four years now and I enjoy witnessing the excitement of people seeing their new homes for the first time. A place they will laugh and love for years to come. If I can help make that experience better, that gives me job satisfaction. The experience of being a home demonstrator has lead me to the next level of becoming a trainer, like several of my colleagues.

    Away from work, I love adventures with my fiancée, seeing new places and cultures with her. I pride myself on having an almost encyclopedic knowledge of football, music and cinema (certain aspects anyway!). And I’m still writing and recording music.

    Mark Bennett active
    Zac enjoying the dessert in Essaouira, Morocco
  • Martin Brook

    Martin Brook

    Senior Home Demonstrator and Trainer

    After many great years in Airline Flight Operation, at the end of 1999 the ‘millennium bug’ for me was a career change to house building. It was a steep learning curve but I thoroughly enjoyed it as I was instrumental in Laing Home South West Thames becoming the first house builder to win the National Customer Service Awards.

    Along with In-house Research and Training Ltd (prior to the management buyout of the research side and training then becoming Elevana Ltd), we developed processes that would significantly improve the ‘customer journey’. One of those changes was a ‘home demonstration’ which is now an industry standard.

    My passion is to make a difference which is why I still really enjoy helping people fully understand their new home. Another source of enjoyment is training developer site, sales and customer care staff on the huge benefits of a well thought out home demonstration which helps them to make a difference in the lives of their customers.

    I’m an ‘empty-nester’ now. I think I drove my daughters away with my ‘wonderful’ dad jokes!

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