How to control your elephant training

We’ll train you in everything you need to help you say the right things, at the right time.

Homebuyers don’t just bring their packing to their new home – they bring a trunkload of emotions with them, too. Managing their issues as well as their expectations during a situation where, we’re sorry, but things can go wrong, is key.

Our training will help you control your natural fear in approaching such emotive situations. We’ll train you in everything you need to help you say (or write) the right things, at the right time in the right order... every time. Whatever the situation.

And we’re able to deliver eLearning, Virtual Classroom or face to face training.

What’s the elephant got to do with it?

Elephants and humans are born to react in the face of danger. An elephant reacts to a lion just like a human can react to an emotional customer.

This “natural” behaviour suits the elephant well because it just wants the lion to go away, never to be seen again.

But it doesn’t suit us. We don’t want our customers to go away forever. (Most of the time!)

We’ll show you how to control that elephant in your head to stop both you and your customers from reacting and making things worse for both of you.

With our unique Helping Hand device, controlling your elephant needn’t be a mammoth tusk….task!.

When things don't go well with an emotional customer, you can end up saying the wrong things, in the wrong order - making things worse - not better! And you face a mammoth task to turn things around.

With our unique Helping Hand device to guide you, what were mammoth tasks become manageable issues. You’ll be in control and saying (or writing) the right things. Even if you have to say “no” to what your customers are demanding.

Why Choose Us?

We focus on taking total control

We focus on taking total control

Very often, when we think we’re in control…. We’re not! We can make our customers become more emotional without being aware of it. (scary!) We’ll show you how to take total control. You’ll have your brain in gear before your mouth, or the fingers on your keyboard, get to work.
We don’t believe the customer is always right

We don’t believe the customer is always right

Sometimes excited, sometimes anxious homebuyers can find it hard to concentrate on every detail. Which means there are times when that angry demanding customer is not right. We’ll show you how to empathise and say “no” in a repeatable and confident manner. (And when you should … and shouldn’t say “sorry”)
This is not a “one size fits all” course

This is not a “one size fits all” course

With every course we carefully select real-life scenarios that are relevant to the attendees, whether they are from sales, construction, customer care or back office support. We deliver content that makes it feel like we’ve been spying on them for months. What can be better than attending a course which feels likes it’s been put together just for you?
No hifalutin language - because you don’t need it

No hifalutin language - because you don’t need it

The language of customer service is simple and jargon free – and so is our course. You don’t need any special skills or background to learn the ways of the elephant. Once you embrace our simple approach your time spent writing that challenging email or handling that difficult call will be cut dramatically.

What our clients say about How to control your elephant

  • "It wasn’t until I attended your course that I realised how I needed to improve on my customer service skills. I have implemented what you taught me, and I cannot begin to tell you how much easier my job is now. Especially using the 3-step process in emails; wow what a difference!"

    Taylor Wimpey
  • "Every one of the team tells me that they are behaving differently now. They are engaging their Stop Routines to ensure that they are able to think very objectively about the purpose of an interaction and how they are going to behave to achieve the best outcome. And they no longer talk about doing things as soon as possible!"

    Roundel Kitchens
  • "Everyone loved the course. The customer service team is much more confident in the way they deal with emotional customers. The training manual is on their desks and they are constantly referring to it."

    Springfield Properties
  • "I am better able to deal with the negatives, and I always look to bring out the positives. Also, I now give proper time scales rather than use the unuseful phrase as soon as possible.

    I am finding that clients are responding more quickly to my requests for information and I'm also getting better information from them because I am asking for it in a much better manner."

    Deeside Timberframe
  • "This course is brilliant, and I would definitely recommend it if you’re regularly engaging with people. I remember the great feeling we got when we realized that we had really understood what the course was all about and how to use the different techniques. You leave thinking, I know how to tackle emotional situations now without reacting or not knowing what to say."

    Mulberry Homes
  • "This course is very, very good.

    The Helping Hand device presented during the course is my go-to before I call or email a customer.

    It helps me to Stop, Think and Take a big breath before I answer. It's not just me, everyone in the team is a lot more confident when dealing with emotional customers. I would particularly recommend this course to anyone who has to send emails. It works!"

    Mount Anvil
  • "I would say it's one of the best courses we have attended. The Helping Hand is a very good tool. We've certainly used it a lot in our office. I often refer to it when I’m writing something or I'm on the phone, to reinforce what I'm saying and how I'm saying it."

    Taylor Wimpey
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